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World Refrigeration Day 2022 – Why cooling matters

Press Release, June 2022

High standards and precise climate control are key to success for food retailers, restaurants, hotels, cold storage warehouses or food processing plants. With a broad cooling and refrigeration portfolio Daikin Central Europe offers tailor-made solutions for each commercial customer needs in 16 countries across Central and Eastern Europe.


Vienna, June 2022 – Today, buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global COemissions1. Choosing energy efficient refrigeration and cooling technologies can significantly reduce the emissions of commercial buildings and have a positive impact on saving limited resources.

“As leader in the HVAC-R2 industry Daikin contributes to high quality of life, comfort, reliable infrastructures, food security and economic growth in a broad variety of industries. The World Refrigeration Day on 26th June is a perfect occasion to point out the importance of sustainable cooling and refrigeration solutions and to create awareness among the public, real estate developers, investors and stakeholders of how the HVAC-R industry can combine increasing demands on comfort, functionality and reduction of CO2 emissions”, says Carl Lievens, Managing Director Daikin Central Europe.

“Reference projects such as the luxury hotel complex Reina del Mar on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, CBA’s food retail Eko Market in Sofia or the retail chain Terno in Slovakia are best practices for our customized offer of total solutions across our region”, he continues. Daikin as well as its group members Tewis and AHT are sponsors of the World Refrigeration Day 2022.

Daikin Bulgaria offered a total climate control solution for the luxury beach complex Hotel Reina del Mar on the Black Sea Coast. Copyrights Daikin Bulgaria

Cooling matters in luxury resort hotel in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Hotel Group HVD sought a total climate control solution for its first ever luxury beach complex Hotel Reina del Mar on the Black Sea Coast. Daikin Bulgaria designed and implemented the HVAC-R system with local Daikin partner MMC to meet all current customer needs and also accommodate future expansion plans with advanced climate control solutions.

The Reina del Mar hotel offers a choice of accommodations, with 557 rooms from double and family rooms to suites, plus 100 standalone villas. As a top resort hotel, the complex operates extensive leisure facilities including conference and event spaces, bars and restaurants, a gym and spa and   wellness centre. 

Daikin’s HVAC-R solution combines VRV with Mini-VRV systems to provide air conditioning and heating, linked to air handling units delivering fresh air and dedicated refrigeration units. This multi-faceted approach to systems design caters for diverse activities, delivering precise zonal temperature control throughout to create a pleasant environment, while meeting specific functional needs.

“We were chosen for our breadth of HVAC-R equipment portfolio and innovative technology, enabling the integration of a range of systems into a single climate control solution which delivers exceptional energy savings”, emphasizes Michael Haas, Managing Director Daikin Bulgaria.




Cooling matters for proficient infrastructure in food retail in Bulgaria

In a city supermarket in Sofia (Bulgaria) Daikin systems provide ’invisible’ climate and temperature control. CBA sought a refrigeration and air conditioning solution using ‘green’ technologies for a new 580 square metre food retail store. Daikin’s ZEAS & Conveni-Pack systems, with third party freezer and cold store equipment, offered an integrated approach to meet the needs on sustainable refrigeration, heating and cooling.

The CBA Eko Market is part of a mixed-use development combining residential and retail use. Along with energy efficiency, noise control and appearance were therefore essential factors in the choice of HVAC-R equipment. 

The outdoor units were sited unobtrusively behind screens next to the residential building entrance, which avoided costly reconstruction work. Low noise levels and night settings for reduced fan speeds minimizes disturbance.

Plug-in cabinet solutions from AHT, a member of Daikin group, linked to the ZEAS system, deliver the heavy-duty capacity required for display, freezer and cold storage areas. By reducing the capacity and number of outdoor units required, the AHT units also helped minimize equipment and installation costs for CBA.

“A first for CBA, the Daikin system ticks all the boxes, offering energy-efficient refrigeration while ensuring in-store comfort through heat recovery for maximum savings”, is Yuri Manolov – CEO CBA Eko Market OOD convinced.

CBA Eko Market in Sofia sought a refrigeration and air conditioning solution using green technologies for a new 580 square metre food retail store which Daikin Bulgaria provided. Copyrights Daikin Bulgaria

Cooling matters for energy optimization of food retail chain in Slovakia

Since 2019, Daikin Slovakia realized 13 turn-key solutions projects for Terno, a food retailer across Slovakia. Daikin designed and implemented customized HVAC and refrigeration solutions out of the company’s broad portfolio manufactured by Daikin or its group members such as ZEAS, JEH, Sky Air, Sensira, AHT Coolbox and AHT Rio. As Terno stores are mainly located in residential areas, Daikin ZEAS was the best choice due to the units’ outstanding performance in terms of low noise emissions.

“With our new total solution approach we focus on integrated HVAC-R solutions that support the sustainability goals of our customers. One of the ways to achieve this is to go for alternatives to gas heating for instance via Daikin Conveni-Pack or AHT waterloop systems with heat recovery. Furthermore, our IoT solutions support retail customers to enhance energy optimization of their premises and enable a 24/7 overview on the proper operation in all stores”, says Vladimír Orovnicky, Managing Director Daikin Slovakia.


For more information visit:
Renovation wave: Creating green buildings for the future, Consilium (
2 HVAC-R = Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning-Refrigeration
Pictures copyrights: Daikin Central Europe
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