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Daikin Multi + heat pump combines cooling, heating and hot water supply in a single energy-saving system

Press release, September 2022

The latest innovation of Multi + uses state-of-the technology to lower the energy consumption of home comfort solutions by connecting up to three air conditioning indoor units and a hot water tank with one outdoor unit. A great solution for small apartments or those with limited outdoor space.

Vienna, September 2022 – Requiring minimal space, the combined heating, cooling and hot water solution is particularly suitable for apartments with tiny balconies or small terraces. With domestic hot water storage capacities of either 90 or 120 liters the Multi + is the perfect all-in-one solution for single households or pairs.

It can be considered for a new build, a renovation or the replacement of domestic hot water (DHW) systems if air conditioning is also required and it is easy to install:

  • There is no need to install or replace radiators.
  • All that’s necessary is to run the piping and cabling from the outdoor to the indoor units.

Flexible custom design

To meet individual aesthetical and dimensional requirements of homeowners a wide range of Daikin indoor units with several award-winning designs is available. It includes wall-mounted, floor-standing and concealed air conditioning models that fit in every apartment. But also the Multi + itself incorporates innovative design features like a fan concealed behind an elegant front grille with specially shaped fan blades that significantly reduce sound emissions.


Efficient all-in-one system

With energy labels of A+++ for cooling, A++ for heating and A for domestic hot water1) the high-efficient system helps lowering the energy consumption of households. This is particularly due to the powerful swing compressor incorporated in the Multi + outdoor unit that continuously adjusts the system’s cooling and heating output to maintain desired room temperatures. Additionally, the high thermal efficiency of the hot water tank significantly contributes to less power consumption.

Combining several systems into one allows for lower energy consumption and lower sound levels. Coupled with air-conditioning units and a domestic hot water tank, this results in the most efficient system possible.


Individual hot water supply

As people's lifestyle varies the Multi + heat pump allows to set plenty of individual preferences:

  • Domestic hot water heating can be scheduled to run during the night or when nobody is home. While the standard settings of the hot water tank provide an ECO mode for a temperature of 50°C or a COMFORT mode for 60°C, these settings can be adjusted according to personal needs.
  • The system also features a weather-dependent setting, where the water temperature is determined automatically by the ambient air temperature. If the outdoor temperature drops or rises, the unit compensates instantly without requiring user adjustment, which prevents sudden changes in the water temperature at tap points.
  • Furthermore, the Multi + allows homeowners to set priorities for air conditioning or heating and domestic hot water: Room heating and water heating can be set to operate simultaneously for maximum comfort and efficiency. If users choose the A/C priority setting the air conditioning stays active for maximum comfort. If the hot water tank gets empty during that time the electric booster heater will come into action. If users switch to the DHW priority setting air conditioners will be deactivated while water is heated by the Multi + heat pump. Once the DHW operation is complete, the outdoor unit will be switched back to A/C operation.

User-friendly control

Intuitive control panels make it easy for users to set their priorities. Especially, the tank control panel provides a full-text display for optimizing the temperature settings. Daikin’s Onecta app allows scheduling, control and monitoring of the air conditioning units and the domestic hot water system from anywhere, at home or away, and can be connected to voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Forward thinking

Daikin has been setting industry standards in cooling and heating for almost 100 years. At Daikin Europe specifically, a key R&D milestone was the introduction of Altherma back in 2006. Daikin was the first in the industry to launch a residential air-to-water heat pump which uses heat from the air outside to provide heating and domestic hot water inside homes, in a highly energy-efficient way. The establishment of a new EMEA Development Centre (EDC) in Ghent, Belgium, by 2024 will anchor and accelerate the company’s innovation efforts for the coming years.


Read also Daikin Europe’s latest Activity report for more insights.

Multi + is available on 16 Daikin Central Europe markets since summer 2022.

For more information on Multi + visit

1) Valid for a Multi + system with 3 x 2.0kW Emura indoor units.
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